April 3rd, 2023

The trees on your property are a significant contributor to its overall value. Trees add aesthetic beauty, provide shade, and add depth and texture to the landscape. Fruiting trees also have a far amount of intrinsic value. For these and countless other reasons, it’s important to take good care of these natural features. Following are several ways getting preventative care from an arborist in Fair Lawn NJ can help.

Whether disease or infestation, certain issues can permanently compromise a tree’s health. As with human health, when small problems are identified and treated early-on, the long-term prognosis is often much better. Having professional tree service performed on a routine basis is a great way to ensure that minor issues are never allowed to spiral out of control. You’ll lose fewer trees this way to challenges that are naturally prevalent in your region.

Trees are also less likely to shed branches and limbs in dangerous ways when they’re well cared for. Our team can check your trees for weak or broken limbs, and then limb or prune as needed. This will minimize your risk of having branches physically harm people on your property or cause damage to nearby vehicles and other structures.

Working with a tree care service can be essential for fulfilling your duty of care. Unless you have extensive experience in working with trees, it’s important to hire a licensed company that knows how to minimize the risk of liability while keep your foliage well-protected. We perform our work using trusted limbing techniques and proven strategies for optimizing tree health.

When it comes time to have a tree taken down, our tree removal service will make life infinitely easier. You won’t have to deal with the high costs and hassle of renting a stump grinder, and you won’t have to deal with the dangerous challenge of operating it on your own. Get in touch with us now to find out more about how we can help you protect some of the most important and valuable features on your land.