October 18th, 2021

Most backyards have a few trees that are looking a bit worse for the wear. This is especially true of homes where homeowners don’t have a certified arborist on their property maintenance teams and aren’t diligent about things like limbing and conducting inspections for pests and disease. As a homeowner, there are three important reasons to hire a tree removal service in Fair Lawn NJ.

When a tree is diseased and cannot be salvaged, getting rid of it can be critical for protecting every other type of foliage on your property. Many diseases can spread from one location to another in seemingly no time at all. Thus, taking care of these problems fast by eliminating the offending party is critical.

Week trees are also in danger of falling over or of having heavy limbs come crashing down. This can result in serious injuries and major property damage. As a homeowner, it is part of your duty of care to ensure that this never happens. Taking trees down before the tip or start shedding large limbs can protect your roof, your vehicle, and anyone who happens to be on your property.

Pest infestations are another thing that might cause the need for removal. Dying trees can attract termites and other insects given that they no longer have their own natural defenses. If you’ve been working with a professional pest control service, extricating dying trees could be a key part of your ongoing preventative maintenance plan.

When removing these structures, it’s important to root them out entirely. Leaving stumps in place will create trip and fall hazards, entice termites and other bugs to move closer to the building structure, and take up a lot of usable outdoor space. At North Jersey Tree Experts, we offer cutting, limbing, and stump grinding service. Our clients can get seamless, end-to-end solutions for protecting their healthy foliage, staving pest problems off, preventing the spread of disease, and fulfilling their duty of care.