March 12th, 2018

Spring is arguably the most beautiful time of year. This is when flowers bloom and new growth occurs almost everywhere. Rain is abundant and sunshine is moderate and thus, a number of hearty plants can take root. It can also be an incredibly unruly time of year. With access to such plentiful, natural resources, overgrowth is not uncommon. Do you need spring tree care in Fair Lawn, NJ? North Jersey Tree Experts can help you maintain a beautifully manicured exterior and optimum levels of curb appeal all year long.

Protecting your trees is a year-round endeavor. In the summertime, you have to make sure that long periods without rainfall do not leave your trees underwatered and unhappy. In winter, frost could be a huge concern. Freezing temps can wreak havoc on trees, especially if you have decided to plant a few species that aren’t really native to the New Jersey area.

One of the biggest concerns that homeowners face during the spring, however, are problems with invasive species. This is true whether a tree is native or non-native to the region, given that there are a number of aggressive pests that have been brought into the area. As certified arborists in Fair Lawn NJ, we’re fully aware of all the signs and symptoms of distress in foliage. More importantly, at North Jersey Tree Experts, we’re adept in looking for the early signs of infection and disease.

With regular visits, we can make sure that we catch and address all minor issues affecting overall tree health before these problems are given the opportunity to spiral out of control. Beyond preventing and mitigating major illnesses, however, we are also able to trim off long limbs and other growths that could be responsible for liability issues, personal harm, and undermining the stability of actual trees or any structures that surround them.

Our foremost goal is to leave you with a consistently beautiful yard. We also want to minimize the potential for physical harm by removing branches and limbs that are broken, weak, or otherwise prone to breaking off and falling. Call (201) 820-2829 today for a free estimate! We’ll share our strategies for creating safe and visually breathtaking areas that all property residents can enjoy.