July 13th, 2020

Trees will add value to a property and the general health of a community. When trees are kept in healthy conditions, they can be a massive return of investment for you and your community. When the trees are not taken care of properly, they become a liability, which can even cause hazards. To acquire proficient tree work, you must hire a certified arborist in Clifton NJ who understands each type of tree needs. Here is a list of things we can do for you.

We assist you in maintaining your investment by providing various services properly. They include planting, removal, pruning, appraisals, emergency tree care, and expert witness. We know when and how to prune a tree to improve its health, safety, and appearance. Pruned trees will train younger trees to develop stable structures. Pruning will thin limbs of a tree to increase the penetration of light and airflow throughout the canopy.

For those clients who wish to plant new trees, we got you covered. We recommend the appropriate trees to plant in your area and how to plant them properly. When you plant the wrong tree in the wrong area, it usually brings future problems like insects, diseases, and limited growing space. Huge trees require special advanced equipment and skills for this process. You can consult us when it comes to proper planting issues.

We provide maintenance and preventive tree care to help your investment have good health and sound structure. The process will assist your trees in defending themselves against diseases, insects, and problems related to site conditions. Some of our test-and-proven health maintenance services include health and safety evaluation to identify any arising issues, a spraying program to curb certain diseases and insects, aeration, fertilization, seasonal irrigation, among other services.

The unique feature about us is that we offer an emergency tree care service. For instance, natural events can cause the tree limbs or the whole tree to fall, causing havoc to people, buildings, and even other trees. When you contact North Jersey Tree Experts, we will come to your aid to safely remove or trim the tree. Call us today if you need any of the mentioned services above.