June 5th, 2018

An arborist is much more than a tree trimmer and remover. Arborists monitor and improve the health of trees and shrubs in many different ways. Arborists are skilled in shaping and caring for the trees on your property, regardless of the species or the size of the growth. Are you looking for an arborist Fair Lawn, NJ area for your home or business? If you live anywhere in the Fair Lawn, New Jersey area, the services of North Jersey Tree Experts are available to keep your landscape looking in top condition.

Tree trimming is a more complex task than you might think. Trimming can be for the purpose of removing diseased branches, but it is also helpful to open up the growth so that it gets the necessary levels of sunlight and airflow to keep the leaves and branches healthy.

Another reason for working on the branches of trees is to prevent them from interfering with overhead objects such as utility wires and electrical lighting. Branches rubbing against a roof can cause increased wear and tear on the roof materials, which shortens their lifespan.

The work of trimming must be done in a safe and correct manner. Trimming the branch at the precise spot where it will reduce the stress on the main portion of the tree is crucial. Safety while doing the trimming is fostered by using the right equipment and tools. The team at North Jersey Tree Experts knows how to remove excess growth without risking the safety of the employees, or nearby vehicles and structures. Aesthetic appeal is another part of doing tree trimming correctly. Shaping the tree to a configuration that is pleasing to the eye and healthy for the tree is best done by certified and experienced professionals.

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