August 21st, 2020

The Benefits Of Quality Stump Grinding Service

If you have the remains of a tree of significant size on your property, you may be wondering what the best way of getting rid of it is. Some stumps of various sizes may be left after removing any trees earlier, or you may want to get rid of a damaged, unsightly or diseased trees and their stumps at the same time. There are two actions which can be applied, removal or stump grinding service.

Chipping the stump is done by applying a high speed wheel which cuts through the wood and reduces it to chip size. This action is the more effective and efficient remedy for unwanted stumps, however it doesn’t remove the roots, which may be extensive. The results of a grind is to ensure that snakes, ants, termites, bees and other pests do not take up residence in the wood. Our arborists will be happy to provide you with recommendations about the appropriate removal process.

If you are doing a re-design of your backyard space, the left over stumps may be in the way of planned pool, patio or play area. In this instance, you will want to have the offending wood removed through the grinding process. You can use the chips for mulch in other parts of your landscape.

Stumps are rarely considered appealing as part of a unified design for your backyard area. For this reason, homeowners prefer to get rid of the evidence in a way that doesn’t leave a gaping hole, nor a raised base which interferes with mowing and with the smooth expanse of the patio or lawn.

Decaying wood can he harmful to other elements of your lawn, garden or house. It can harbor certain types of destructive insects. If the original tree was removed due to a tree disease, it is wise to eliminate the risk of further plant devastation.