January 20th, 2021

If you are forced to cut down a tree in your yard, the next step will be choosing between stump grinding and removal. The former is highly preferred because it is less invasive than digging out a whole root system. Moreover, it requires less work, meaning it is not just a cheaper option but also does not require a time-intensive project. If you need professional stump grinding in Fair Lawn NJ, you can count on us to provide top-notch assistance.

Removing tree stumps will leave cravens on your property that can be an eyesore. The alternative we offer will still enable you to reclaim your space fully, and there are various other enticing benefits you will enjoy. For instance, you can use the shavings from the project to mulch your flower beds and enhance their health and appearance.

During the project, we use a stump grinder which is a heavy machine with steel cutting wheels at the end of a sturdy hydraulic arm. The wheel spins at high speeds to grind down the remaining part of a tree to about six to four inches below the ground level. This means that even new growth from the roots will not sprout above ground.

We do not recommend leaving tree stumps above ground because they decompose and start attracting insects. The moisture within them may also trigger fungal growth and harm other greenery within your landscape. The services we offer are quite similar to complete tree removal, only that they are less invasive because we leave the tree ball in the ground.

The remaining portion of a tree will not cause any problems, especially if you do not plan on doing excavation projects. We will cover the gap in the ground with dust and dirt, making it leveled with the rest of the yard. With time, the buried root system will decay, enriching the soil.