September 30th, 2020

There are several reasons why a home or business owner might decide that getting rid of one or more existing trees is the best approach. Some of the more common reasons include trees that are dying or diseased, those which are in the way of progress such as landscaping, construction projects or visibility issues. For these and other reasons, it is important to call on the services of our professional tree removal service, rather than attempt a do-it-yourself project.

Our personnel have the experience to know how to remove unwanted or unhealthy trees safely and expeditiously. They can selectively remove the growth, deadwood, and even the stumps which are unsightly and a home for insects and other pests. The area can be filled in in preparation for replanting or for the building or landscaping project which is planned.

Removal of trees, if done correctly, is not a job which should be undertaken with a borrowed chainsaw and a step ladder. The professionals have the right equipment and tools to complete the job safely and in short order. Tree services equipment is highly specialized and is not something that the typical householder has available. Over the years, the owners of our firm have invested in the best and most specialized equipment to allow for safe practices and procedures.

The professionals at our firm have the necessary certification, licensing and bonding to protect them and their clients. We know how to bring trees down smoothly and safely, without imposing risks to the property, structures, people and pets in the area. When the tree is down, the job isn’t complete until the area is cleaned up and debris removed.

Our well-respected firm and certified arborists help to design and maintain landscapes in many counties throughout the area. These include Bergen, Warren, Essex, Somerset, Hudson, Passaid, Hunterdon and Morris Counties.